AI Digital Marketing

Tired of weak reporting with metrics unrelated to revenue or ROI? Are you still dealing with a marketing company that can't seem to align with your objectives?

We can solve those issues and many more with our AI-Driven Marketing. You tell us what your objectives are, and we will design a plan to help you capture the opportunity with a defined ROI.

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AI Digital Marketing Specials

Take advantage of our special Digital Marketing offers to assist your Auto Dealership with recovering lost revenue - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

AI-Driven Digital Marketing Plan

  • AI-driven analysis of all Digital Strategy for maximum performance and account optimization.
  • Laser-focused Campaigns generating calls, leads, and traffic to achieve Dealer defined objectives.
  • Variable Marketing Platform to reach the right customers online.
  • AI-maximized budget allocation to minimize spend across multiple platforms.
  • End-to-end ad tracking implementation & reporting.
  • Ongoing campaign optimization using AI technology (400+ automated changes on a monthly basis).
  • Social Media Management: engaging your organic opportunities and improving customer loyalty.

Small Market Dealership:

0 – 150 Sold Cars Per Month

  • $5,000 Advertising Budget
  • $1,500 Management Fee
  • $750 Management Fee
    [ 50% Discount ]

Mid-Range Market Dealership:

150 – 300 Sold Cars Per Month

  • $7,500 Advertising Budget
  • $2,500 Management Fee 
  • $1,250 Management Fee
    [ 50% Discount ]

Large Market Dealership:

300+ Sold Cars Per Month

  • $10,000 Advertising Budget 
  • $3,500 Management Fee
  • $1,750 Management Fee
    [ 50% Discount ]


From Surviving to Thriving

We at Total Customer Connect understand the gravity of the situation and are here to help automobile dealerships rebound from this crisis. 

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can enroll with confidence and supplement the much-needed customer communication services you need.

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